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University of Canberra validates Multimetric Balance Mat

Canberra Uni

Canberra UniAfter testing the balance of 20 seniors at the University of Canberra, balance researcher Dr Maryam Ghahramani has given the Multimetric Balance Mat an official tick of approval.

Dr Ghahramani’s research involved comparing the Balance Mat and inertial sensors simultaneously.

Inertial sensors are currently the primary device used by thousands of balance researchers worldwide to determine a person’s balance ability. However, this method of balance measurement is expensive and time-consuming and give complex results that are difficult to interpret.

Inertial sensors were placed on the study participants’ bodies – on their lower legs, chest and back while they stood on the Multimetric Balance Mat for testing.

This enabled body and sway movement to be measured simultaneously using the two technologies.

Dr Ghahramani found a high level of correlation between the inertial sensors and the Multimetric Balance Mat, so much so that she plans to adopt our product as a tool for her further research.

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