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Calibration robot developed


University of Canberra researchers have worked with Balance Mat Pty Ltd to develop a robotic calibration device. It follows the signing of a collaborative agreement with the university to undertake research using the Balance Mat.

The resulting bipedal robotic test mechanism was designed and fabricated by the university’s Robotics Group.

The robot is capable of mimicking the postural sway of a human being in different standing positions.

Whereas a person’s postural sway can vary from test to test, the robotic system guarantees a completely accurate and repeatable series of postural sways.

The aim is to ensure that every Balance Mat registers the same recording for a person’s postural sway within reasonable (10% variance) tolerance limits.

As we scale up manufacture, automated calibration of the Balance Mat will be important.

Supported by Balance Mat Pty Ltd team members, software developer Binod Shrestha and software engineer Abishek Shrestha, the UC Robotics team led by Associate Professor Robotics Group Damath Herath is now using the robot to check and calibrate each Balance Mat to ensure consistency of data output.

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