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Innovation Partnership proceeds with RMIT University

RMIT testing Balance Mat

Exhibition of the Balance Mat during the 9th Victorian Healthcare Week Expo in Melbourne has resulted in the first collaborative research project under the Balance Mat Innovation Partnership Program.

Associate Professor Zhen Zheng from RMIT University’s School of Health and Biomedical Sciences observed the Balance Mat in operation on 24 July 2019.

She was impressed by the versatility of the Multimetric Balance Mat and proposed that her team undertake a research project to investigate the product’s potential as a balance measurement tool for sports science.

RMIT University Lecturer in Exercise Sciences Dr Isaac Selva Raj (pictured) was appointed as project leader. RMIT researcher Dr Isaac Selva Raj

During August and September 2019 Dr Raj carried out a pilot study to compare the results of balance tests using the Balance Mat and a force plate simultaneously.

Now that the pilot study has been completed the research team is proceeding with an ethics approval application before a full-scale research project can begin.

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