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Prototype sway test mat exceeds expectations

test your balance

Trials of the LED Sensormat™ conducted since July 2016 have proved the prototype mat can accurately measure people’s movements whilst standing.

“Over the past three months we progressively developed prototypes and tested them with different people,” PSI CEO Ian Bergman said.

“We’d stand a fit person on the sensor mat and their score would be low while people with poor balance would have a higher score.”

“We started off focusing on measuring postural sway and came to realise that sway alone was not a good indicator of balance. We came to understand that our mat was measuring all movements on the mat, not only the degree of sway.”

At the same time as the analytics were being tested work was done on prototype manufacturing methods, materials and industrial design.

Mr Bergman said, “We started out with a black mat and yellow footprints but decided that a blue and yellow mat would be more aesthetically pleasing and less threatening for older people.”


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